Record Reactive Campaign
Client: Nike 

Greatness Starts with a Goal

We worked with Nike to honor Cristiano Ronaldo’s record as the leading goal scorer for a men’s national team, by going back to where Ronaldo set and scored his first goal: we renovated his childhood pitch at the Quinta Falcão community center in Madeira, encouraging the next generation of footballers to view the renovated pitch as evidence that goal-setting, not talent alone, is the foundation for his success.

Illustrated by Portuguese artist AkaCorleone, the goal’s crossbars show a timeline of Ronaldo’s career in 15 scenes, depicting the places that shaped him, the in-game moments that immortalized him, and the accolades that keep stacking up. 

An accompanying film set in Madeira tells the story of Ronaldo’s rise to greatness, with a mashup of reflections from former and current soccer players who witnessed his career milestones and the qualities that led to his achievements.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Partner: Tyler Andre

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